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Share Your Unique Message is designed to assist coaches, healers, all light workers to expand or start the career they are passionate about. 

 Now  is the time to create life on your terms and that includes a career you love.

You were born to live in your light and help others to do the same.

 Program Includes:

Topics covered:

* Your Story 

* Your Vision/Goal

* Your Audience

* Social Media Platforms

* Self Care, Morning Routines

* Inspired Actions

* Receiving - payments, how to charge.

* Your healing/wounds

Each weekly session will consist of 


exercises and


A private support group will be available as well as one on one access to me if required.

Share Your Unique Message

6 Week Online Program for Women.

A little About Kym M Stewart

Over the past 15+ years I have assisted many women to live an Empowered Life they love. 

Mostly guiding them from a hobby they were passionate about to embracing that as their career. I feel  blessed to see many of these women stepping more fully into who they truly are which of course asks of me to continue to do the same. 

In 2020, with so much adversity and expansion potential - more and more women are heeding the call. That flame of desire to live their purpose can no longer be ignored and they are courageously saying yes, (even if their voice is shaking) to honour their unique and valuable mission. I too am standing more fully in my purpose to guide you  beautiful and much needed light workers on your path. Hence this program was birthed after a transformational experience in 2018.

As a coach I feel my greatest tools are my ability to be present, listen with the ears of my heart and to feel into the energetic story, receive guidance from your spiritual team and hear the language where you are holding yourself out from your highest potential. To say I love working in this way is an understatement, I am humbled and blessed to work in this way. 

My intention is to highlight your gifts and to continue to remind you of your own strengths and power. For you to know your purpose and live that confidently and authentically all whilst holding the space for you to heal and grow.

Copyright © 2014 Kym M Stewart. All rights reserved and other such important stuff.

Share your unique message gave me the opportunity to meet Kym Stewart and I must say that the space she created was a beautiful, sacred and safe space that allowed me to connect to emotions that I was not even aware of. I instantly felt comfortable with Kym, she is a beautiful soul who is real, honest and true. She totally demonstrates courage and authenticity and for that I admire her. She is nurturing in her approach and is powerful to express the truth. Keep Shining beautiful as your light inspires others as it has done for me. Infinite love and gratitude.

Rosanna Mosca – Naturopath

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Next Program Dates

Thursday 1 - 2.30pm 

22nd October, 2020

Share Your Unique Message.


Program for 


 Light Workers

Cost of The Program


Early Bird Special $667

Paid by 30.9.20

  Payment Plans available on request.

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 Program Includes:

Your own personal workbook will be mailed to you for you to take notes and record your insights.

As we know, it is one thing to learn something but its the putting into practise, implementing it that it shifts our lives. 

A private support group will be available as well as one on one access to me if required.