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Kym M Stewart

HI I'M Kym, I am a wise women living in the southern highlands of New South Wales, Australia. 

I love living in the Australian bush amongst the gum trees, animals, fairy's and elemental's.

From very early on I connected with and spoke with the fairy's, in fact it was the fairy's that helped me through a challenging childhood.

I was blessed to build a beautiful home in the bush to raise my 3 now adult children.

As a deeply sensitive and connected women I have always been drawn to assist others to gain clarity in their own confusion. 


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Queen of The Moon Oracle 

Using Oracle cards to connect into the energies of my guides and yours, receiving clear and gentle information to assist you to trust your own inner guidance and clear away the confusion and allow clear and supportive guidance.

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Kym is one of our wise women in the Southern Highlands, with her help and powerful energy I was able to bring abundance into my life and fall pregnant with my daughter after so many years of waiting!

Sara Jane Cleland

Naturopath, Herbalist, Remedial Massage Therapist & Food Educator

Out and about in nature in the Highland's. I spend lots of time in nature to recharge and calm my nervous system something all sensitives must do. 

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Over the past couple of decades I have facilitated and co facilitated Women's Mystery workshops and women circles, including drum journey's and intuitive readings.

After a recent awakening my gifts and abilities have expanded and reached new levels  which also includes a strengthening of my medium abilities. I love bringing through message from loved ones, to remind you how supported you really are. 

 I am being strongly guided into doing more of this deeply honouring and at times magical work.

During our time together the session is all about you, where you are at and how best I can assist you to heal yourself or to create a clear and manageable pathway forward towards your dreams and desires.

I am deeply honoured to work with amazing women and I look forward to sitting in sacred circle with you.

 My 3 gorgeous children, I feel so blessed they chose me to be their mumma.Here we are celebrating my daughters 30th Birthday in Sydney. 

Thank you Kym , that was a beautiful reading and just what I needed to hear.


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Wow, thank you so much for the reading. Looking forward to doing the course with you.


This makes so much sense! Amazing..... so much bubbling away over here - this guidance is so spot on, incredibly poignant. Clever you beautiful...... Thank You, 


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