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I Coach Women to live a life they love, to believe in themselves and to share their unique message and gifts out into our world.

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A little About Kym M Stewart

Over the past 15+ years I have assisted many women to live an Empowered Life they love. Mostly guiding them from a hobby they were passionate about to embracing that as their career. I have been blessed to see many of these women stepping more fully into who they truly are which of course asks of me to continue to do the same.  I am a life long learner and have a strong daily practise to ensure I am being the best version of me I can so I hold the space for you to be all you can be. 

As a coach I feel my greatest tools are my ability to be present, listen with the ears of my heart and to feel into the energetic story, receive guidance from your spiritual team and hear the language where you are holding yourself out from your highest potential. To say I love working in this way is an understatement, I am humbled to work in this way. 

I feel blessed and honoured to work with others so that in time you will feel more confident in trusting your own intuition and be your own coach.

Personal growth is a critical piece to creating sustainable success in any area of live. When you decide to work with me I will ask you to commit to your own personal growth to support the changes you are creating..  I will guide you with resources required..

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Good Morning Kym, I just wanted to thank you and feedback to you about yesterdays coaching session with you. It was so deeply profound and valuable and the shift so huge that I found myself needing to desperately rest . A deep, deep tiredness descended that precluded me from taking any action on anything. I am still feeling the edge of it today and so will take a rest day to nurture myself and reconnect with my little self.
I know it shouldn't amaze me but every time it does, just how deep this inner work can go, how simple and yet how profound it can be. Your ability to zoom in on the heart of the issue with love, honesty and respect is such a gift and one I value deeply.
Thank you for all you do and for all that you are prepared to do for me.
I commented to Steel yesterday that Song Mamma is much like he is, needing me to be more than I think I can but always seeming to find the way to get there and step up. My 5th child indeed.
Biggest love and gratitude to you Kym xxx 

Pip Cooper - Author - Mummasong