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Stories of transformation: 


I got to know a NEW me and now have the tools to move through life with an open mind.

I feel lighter, freer, more excited and that I am on purpose and a better person and I know this will have a ripple effect on those that I meet - in fact it already has. 

Life/Business Coach

Person to Person Transformation

Not all Coaches are equal. There are certain aspects of your unique personality that can give you an edge. That being said, you are only as good as your tools. Most coaching focuses in at the level of problem solving and incremental growth. This can be a painfully slow and tedious process that leaves both the Coach and the Client flat.

While this type of Coaching can be very useful for fine tuning it becomes increasingly complex and difficult as you try to pin down the exact issue to create the desired outcomes.

If you're ready to get unparalleled wins with your clients, there is an alternative approach. We will teach you to target something much more fundamental. And when you shift something fundamental, everything else shifts as a byproduct.

" As a Life Coach I am constantly looking to improve my skills so I can serve my clients to the highest degree. Doing The Alchemy Program my whole way of coaching has changed to be more intuitive, more connected and able to support my clients to feel more empowered and capable than ever. I am so grateful to have Shane Krider as my mentor.

 Kym M Stewart"

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Life/Business Coach

Person To Person Transformation

Kym M Stewart


This information needs to be given to every young adult before they finish their last day in studay/school.  What a difference it would make in their lives. 

Loving this format and everything that you guys are putting out. Am on such a high right now by day 17 I might just be off the planet.

Duane Mengel

I have improved my health  -  I have quite literally  halved my meds - I’m on Insulin & tabs.

I have had Diabetes now for nearly 20 years & looking to reverse this completely in the next 3 months.  

Manique Cortelling

 Alchemy Train The Trainer 

Cathy Walcroft

  • 2 Empowerment Coaching Webinars
  • 13, 1 hour+ audios
  • This is a deep dive program for any Coach/Therapist to go to the next level.