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Stories of transformation: 


I got to know a NEW me and now have the tools to move through life with an open mind.

I feel lighter, freer, more excited and that I am on purpose and a better person and I know this will have a ripple effect on those that I meet - in fact it already has. 


Transform Any Area of YOUR Life FOR GOOD in Just 17 Days

What if there really was a proven step by step formula to acheive


This information needs to be given to every young adult before they finish their last day in studay/school.  What a difference it would make in their lives. 

Loving this format and everything that you guys are putting out. Am on such a high right now by day 17 I might just be off the planet.

Duane Mengel

I have improved my health  -  I have quite literally  halved my meds - I’m on Insulin & tabs.

I have had Diabetes now for nearly 20 years & looking to reverse this completely in the next 3 months.  

Manique Cortelling

Total Life Transformation

  • Online Program Consisting of:
  • 6 Comprehensive Webinars
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Cathy Walcroft

17 Day Personal Prosperity System- Home Study

Take a journey behind the sense of your own perceptions. Watch as your mind builds what you think of as reality and see how your blind faith in this interpretative construct is actually the source of a persons inability to transform their mind, their life and their experience or reality on a dime.

It seems that changing one's life is hard, but it is not. Transformation in any direction is not only easy, it is actually effortless. But only if you can see through the illusions of your own mind to the possibilities that are all around you.

In the 17 Day Personal Prosperity System we focus on six mind bending topics. These topics are:

  • * The Six Higher Faculties Of Mind
  • *  Internal vs External Reality
  • *  The Sixth Sense Zone
  • *  Collapsing The Field
  • *  Love And Gratitude Compass
  • *  Seeing The Subliminal

These six ideas will change your story of life, your role in it and how you approach every situation of life you encounter. You will gain a perspective that will give you power over limiting beliefs, fear, inhibitions and your emotional state.